TOY SET

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The Beginning


In the past, some parents have been frustrated with having to juggle lots of products and other equipment when traveling with their babies. Through testimonies and market research, the need for multi-purpose products that are easy to use with one hand, small enough to use in place of a diaper bag, and compartmental for storage purposes was needed.  Hence, the inception of the KiddieGo,LLC began. 

The Growth

We have developed two products. The first product is a 3 pcs. baby teether and rattle set.  This toy attracts baby’s attention through easy to rasp fun rattle sounds. Helps to develop and improve senses and skills such as; hearing, touching, visual, and hand-eye coordination. It is an interactive toy to increase parent-child communication.


The second product is the KiddieGo Change Seat. It is a portable baby chair designed to keep babies safe, occupied, and makes diaper changing easier. It provides a variety of toy, utility, and safe fun for your little one(s).  

The Inspiration

KiddieGo, LLC would like to thank you for visiting our website. It is our desire that this site will serve as a great resource of useful information that may benefit you and your little one(s). Visit often to explore current products, learn more about new products, and we hope you will join our mailing list.